Monday, September 1, 2008

Colleen at Cuckoo's

So I got stopped again by a woman this time from Northern Ireland outside The Cuckoo's Nest bar. Colleen was there with her husband taking a smoke break outside (doesn't she know that those things will kill you!?)

Regardless, she thought that I was adorable and began to tell me about her dog, a collie if I remember right. Her story made me sad. She rescued her dog (just like mom and dad did for me!) and he had a lot of issues. People can't go near him or her or the dog will get very "protective." She even told us that her own dog attacked her and put her in the hospital for a week! And yet, she didn't give him away--he is still her dog! Amazing the love some people have for us dogs.

Us Rescue Dogs are a tough breed. We often come with a lot of issues but can overcome them with proper training--we really need to get trained--or maybe even un-trained from our issues. I used to cry all night until Dad got me a crate--which he didn't want to do--but it worked. I love it. It's like a cave. I like our trainer friend, Laura, who comes to our house often and works with us.

So if you're thinking of adopting a dog, consider resucing one of us--even with our issues, we are very loyal to our owners.

To adopt a dog go to this site

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