Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Get Letters...and sometimes pictures!

So Jonathan, a very cool 9 year old regular reader from the Rochester area sent in some cool pictures of his pals. Three cool-looking dogs pictured here (and is that Jonathan lying down on the deck as well?)! The Weiner dogs--as they call them--are Charlie and Scarlet and the Pug is Isabelle.

Let me just say that while I'm generally speaking a loner and don't always like hanging around other dogs (I get scared! Other dogs spook me for some reason!), I think I'd really be able to get along with these folks. First of all, Weiner Dogs are cool! They're almost as cool as Chihuahuas--but not not quite--so don't get cocky, Charlie and Scarlet.

Secondly, Pugs are snuggable, like me. So that makes Isabelle automatically cool.
She's a cutie too--just look at her on the right there. Maybe we can date? I guess I'd have to get over that whole fear of other dogs thing! I mean, how embarrassing would that be if I went all the way up to Rochester for a date with Isabelle (I know, I'm getting ahead of myself here! Isabelle hasn't even agreed to a date with little ole me yet!), and I ended up barking and lunging at the first sight of her. Somehow I think she'd turn her back on me and just go find a nice warm lap to curl up on. I'd be so embarrassed that I'd pee on Johnathan's mom's floor. And then Dad would have to pay for a rug shampoo! Ok forget it. No dates until I can get my tail in gear!!

Besides, Dad told me "No dates until you're five!" I keep telling him that that's 35 years in dog years, but he just replies that "Dog ages aren't an exact science."

Regardless, thanks to Jonathan and his mom Nora, who is a great writer and wrote the outstanding Freshman Survival Guide series for BustedHalo.com. I love it and you should check it out if you have children who are headed to college--it's a nice thing to send them off to dorm life with. Oh, I almost forgot, thanks to my new pals Scarlet, Charlie and of course, Isabelle--Hey cutie! Call me!

I'm going to write a FreshDog Survival Guide for Dogs that are going to live with owners for the first time starting tomorrow!

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Rosemary A said...

It IS a dog's life, isn't it?