Sunday, September 7, 2008

While Dad's Away...

Well here I am sitting on Mom's lap typing my blog although she keeps trying to write on my blog herself. Since I'm in the last month of my terrible two's I keep giving her a look that says, "Don't get all up in my grill, Mom! It's MY blog!"

I wouldn't do that. I'm sure she would put me in a 2 minute time out without my favorite pink squeeky frog. She would tell me to "use my words" (polite words). It's tough having a preschool teacher for a mom--she knows all the tricks.

So anyway, as I previously reported there is a new movie coming out this month that is a must-see. Beverly Hills Chihuahua! I give it 4 paws up! These little chihuahuas get lost in Mexico (Gringos, don't insult me. Pronounce this correctly. Do I have to spell it out for you? It's Meh-hee-ko. And Chihuahua is Chee-Wow-Uh. Yo homies, get it right!). George Lopez plays the top chihuahua. I love his TV show and watch it with Mom all the time and we laugh our heads off.

I personally would love to romp around the streets of Mexico. I could get in touch with my roots. But until then, your favorite internet saavy dog provides you with this preview: Hay Chihuahua!!

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