Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jonathan starts a trend

So now Briana, a friend from Dad's World Youth Day trip also writes in with photos of a CHIHUAHUA! Not only a Chihuahua but a chihuahua named Frida with her 6 new puppies. Don't blame it on me, folks, I've been fixed.

Regardless, they are cute and their mom couldn't be prouder. So thanks to Briana who is like the coolest person from what Dad tells me. They had loads of fun at World Youth Day--check Briana out walking back from the big event with the Pope where Briana slept outside and Dad completely wimped out and went back to the hotel.

So good job outta Jonathan for starting a trend. The next thing you know Jonathan will design a cool new set of shoes and we'll all be forced to wear them even us dogs!

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