Saturday, October 6, 2007

Calmly sleeping in the new crate

Dad got me a pet carrier today because he thought I might actually sleep better in there and so far he is right. I don't always go into the crate right away but when dad throws a treat in there--I can't help myself. It's nice and snuggly in here and dad put my doggie bed in here too along with his sweaty t-shirt and it all keeps me very calm--although it's nearly 2AM eastern right now and I have a long way to go to sleep through the night.

Dad got a new water squirter so I'm back on track now with the barking beginning to cease more and more on our walks.

I was just reminded that next week is dad's friend Fr. Brett Hoover's 40th birthday. I like Uncle Brett a lot and licked his head when he was here. He really doesn't like small dogs but somehow I charmed him into thinking that I'm an OK pup!

Thanks also for the snausages, Dad!

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