Monday, October 8, 2007

You Called My Dog What?

We ran the gamut on our late night walk last night. We heard the follwing comments:

"Give that dog a boot." - knucklehead Irishman outside of a local establishment.

"My man that is an awesome dog!" Young guy heading into a local establishment.

"He's adorable!" Young woman sitting on park bench.

But the kicker was....

"Look honey, a rat on a rope!"

Now my dad is pretty even keeled most of the time (yeah right!) but tonight he wasn't in the best of moods. So he looked the guy dead in the face and said "Dude, that's not nice. How'd you like it if I called you a penis in sneakers."

The chick with him and three other women cracked up.

The guy came near dad and he said, "I'd watch my step if I were you. Haze is a high jumper and if I give him the signal he will grab your neck with his teeth and wrestle you to the ground--and then this "rat on the rope will embarass the hell out of you."

"You're bluffing."

Dad said, "Yeah but it's a powerful bluff!" a line from one of his favorite movies The Prince of Tides.

Mr. Smart aleck went inside and left us alone after that.

I'm such a menacing dog--all 8 pounds of me.


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