Monday, October 1, 2007

Water squirter and Other Dogs

Dad brought a water squirter out with him on our afternoon walk to see if that would discourage me from barking and lunging at other dogs.

Let me tell most certainly did. I saw a miniature doberman and started barking and it took me a bit to calm down but the water squirter helped me. A block later I saw a female chihuahua like me (and let me tell you she was a hottie--if you know what I mean) and as my ears went up--Ba-Blam--there was dad squirting away. I started to bark anyway and dad blasted me like 9 times really fast and yelled "COOL DOWN HAZE!" He also growled a big angry growl like our trainer friend told him I knew he meant business.

But you know fear of the other dogs subsided. I was able to sit for three minutes in front of the other dog. Her owner, a nice older spanish woman, picked her up to be safe but then wanted to put her down. Dad thought that that would be a little too much for one day but later on I saw her again and was able to walk past her without any problem. Dad's become good at doing some pre-emptive tugs on my leash to get me ready to anticipate other dogs.

The day was almost a total success until I ran toward the door at the delivery man today and wouldn't listen to dad. I guess I got a little overworked. Oh well!

Hope we meet someone crazy on our walk tonight.

Haze the Dog

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