Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My New Labrador Friend

Dad made me stop near a neighbor's house who have a giant but friendly and peaceful black lab. I usually bark my brains out at him when I see him on our walks but as my ears went up and alerted dad that I was about to do so---SPLOOSH!---I got splashed with a huge stream of water.

That cooled me down. Dad asked me to sit in front of the house and while I was nervous I did so. He then moved me closer and I got scared and barked but after another dousing I learned that this wasn't really a good idea.

Eventually, I got to sit in front of the fence very close to my new pal. I felt secure with dad there letting me know nothing will go wrong.

I guess this training is going well. Dad seems happy.

Now if I could just stop barking in my room at night!

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