Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mom and Dad threw me a party!

Just a small one mind you...just us. But it was still nice.

Some pics from the big day:

Here I am rifling through the gift bag to get my presents.

Where could it be?

Here dad--help me open this....

YAY! A Kong toy and some Kong Peanut Butter spread....how'd you know?

I played with it right away. I also got a rubber ball but I didn't like that much.

And lastly some cheesecake which dad ate for me while I ate some snausage treats! I made a wish and then licked dad across the lips--so I guess that wish came true!

Dad tells me that this is the best gift of all...some smooches from Mommy. I think he may be right--or it at least makes me feel all warm inside.

I know it makes mom and dad feel good to have me around but I'd like to let them know that I'm a lucky dog! They rescued me from the North Shore Animal League--which was nice enough but they couldn't keep me forever and not a lot of people wanted to adopt me because I have luxation in my back knees and I don't like other dogs. But Mom and Dad knew that I was specially made for them!

This is the best birthday EVER!

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