Friday, October 5, 2007

Pics of the Blessing of the Animals

About 70 dogs joined me along with two igunanas and a parakeet at the Blessing of the Animals at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle. Dad even got to talk about it on Sirius Satellite Radio's Catholic Show.

Our first picture is Fr. Jamie Baca, CSP giving me my first blessing. We like Fr. Jaime who was just assigned here. He's always so warm and inviting.

Here are some of my new friends who also got blessed.

I didn't catch the parakeet's name but he was cool!

Some random doggies who tried to drink out of Fr Jaime's holy water bucket.

And here is me and dad by the baptismal font.

The ceremony was cool with some singing and then a generic blessing on all of us animals and our owners. I went a little crazy upon entering and dad dropped the water sprayer in the cab (YAY!) so he couldn't squirt me. But mom saved the day by making a makeshift one out of a milk bottle and a fantastick squirter (cleaned out of course). I calmed down and sat near other dogs for awhile without barking. Mom was very impressed. Dad was happy because he was really mad that the water squirter fell out of his back pocket in the cab.

Read more from dad's article yesterday and then read a review of dad's book from Erin Ryan at the National Catholic Reporter.

I slept until 4:30AM without any trouble last night and gave mom and dad some relief. Dad took his old t-shirt and stuck it in my bed and that helped me to relax breathing in his scent. (Ode to gym sweat). I did poop and pee in the bedroom though after that--so dad wasn't that happy with me this morning. But what do you want? I ate some treats before bed and I had to go. I went on the wee-wee pad and newspaper--isn't that where I'm supposed to go?
Humans! They just send so many mixed signals. Mom and Dad are considering getting me a crate--I hope that means that I get to sleep in their bedroom.

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