Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And Dad thought I was bad...

So my dad's colleague Sean Lansing from the Center for Ministry Development has a huge Golden Retreiver, Gus (right), as well as, a new wife, Beth.

So in the backyard Sean's dog has found a nice new patch of grass which he loves to roll in. The downside is that the spot he rolls in makes him smell like poop! Ewwww!

There's nothing in that patch of grass that's discerable with the human eye(and certainly not with doggie eyes)--most likely it's rabbit droppings beneath the surface of the soil that's causing the poopy smell--but for some reason Gus loves rolling right in that particular spot.

So thinking that he's the Alpha Male of the house, Sean has to wash Gus simply because he decides to behave better for him than his new wife. Even though we dogs all know that no human could ever really boss us around. But Beth was at least able to wash a good deal of Gus while Sean was off at a conference giving a presentation. So the stink smell left him after a mini-bath.

Right after that bath--what did Gus do? He took off like a shot right for....

You guessed it...that poopy spot of grass. And away he rolled. What a smart dog!

While doing his presenation Sean received this text message from the new wifey:

"Gave Gus bath...then he rolled in shit again...can't find this shit...stinky dog awaits you. Love u!"

Ah marriage...filled with all kinds of encounters. The love lasts even through stinky dogs and rabbit poo.

Needless to say--you'd never catch me rolling in rabbit crap. I prefer to rub up against NYC garbage bags thank you very much!

Best wishes to the newly married Lansings and to Gus--make sure you let them know that it's your house and that you just let them live there.

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