Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Irish have Class

On tonight's walk Dad and I ran into two couples.

Our first couple was in front of Sean Og's Pub and were quietly flirting with each other on the steps when the young lady of course, took a shine to me. She started petting me when her Irish suitor said to Dad:

"Friend, this young lady told me that when she was 18 she voted for George Bush. Did you vote for Bush?"

Dad: "Hell no! I'd rather chew my left arm off than do that!"

Guy: (Laughs) Thank you (gets up and shakes dad's hand).

Girl: "I was 18 what did I know? But wait a minute who was I supposed to vote for? John Kerry?"

Dad: "Yes! That's exactly who you were supposed to vote for!"

Guy: "Even the dog knew that!"

Now while I did know that, I also am slightly insulted that he thinks that perhaps I would be that dumb. PUL-LEASE. Even us dogs are smart enough to not send other dogs to war over something dumb like oil! Booze and politics--two things that don't always go well together. Regardless, I hope that despite their differences in politics that they can put those aside and hook up.

The Irish really hate George Bush and when Dad and Mom went to Ireland it was the most asked question they got: "What do you think of that George Bush?" They can't believe that we elected him twice.

Our second couple of the evening was Brian and Tracy and they were a delighful Irish pair; smoking in front of The Dugout pub. Thick brougues on them! My Grandpa has a brougue but it's not as thick as theirs was--or maybe I just don't notice his as much.

I have to say the Irish are so friendly. It's what I love about Grandpa the most. Everyone seems to get along with him. Tracy and Brian had the same qualities.

Tracy: "Oh Bri...look at the cute dog. I usually like big dogs but he's gorgeous."

Brian: Shakes dad's hand and introduces himself and pets me.

Tracy also introduced herself. Dad picked me up so they could get a closer look. I immediately wanted to be held by Tracy because I simply love the company of women.

Tracy: "Oh he's class!"

Now there's an expression that I never heard but really liked being called. "He's class." She kept repeating it over and over and offered me dozens of kisses. Brian had a look on his face that couldn't believe that I was getting more action than he was.

Tracy: "Can I keep him?"

Dad: "I'm afraid not."

Whew! I thought the worst there for a minute. Tracy is very nice but I'm part of Dad's family at this juncture. I didn't want to have to prove myself again to someone new. She might freak out if I pee on a comforter or soemthing.

They asked a bunch of the basic questions about me which I will answer here for all those interested:

1) Q: "What's his name?"
A: Haze. I was named that before I was adopted by the Hayes' and they believed I was meant to be their dog.

2) Q "What kind of dog is he?"
A: I am a pure breed Chihuahua.

3) Q: How old is he?
A: I am nearly 3 (On October 13)

4) Q: Does he stay in the house most of the time?
A: Yes indeed. I like being a "house dog" and nothing pleases me more than sitting on the couch with my mom and dad and being stroked, licking dad's head, or curling up with mom.

5) Q: Can I keep him?
A: The Irish may have charm, but I'll stick with my Irish-American Dad and my Italian-American Mom for now.

So to our first couple and to the charming Brian and Tracy--raise another pint for me--your new pal, Haze (pictured here with my two favorite Irishmen--Dad and Grandpa). Hope to see you on another night.

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