Sunday, June 1, 2008

Probably not a good idea on all counts

We dogs don't care to lay blame on anydog or anyone and today is no different but here's today's BadDog/BadOwner Situation.

So Mom and Dad fed me and walked me early yesterday (3:30 instead of 6:30) and went to the movies: Sex and the City is a good movie BTW. They came home and took me out for about an hour at 7:30 before the rain started coming down in buckets and they nicely raced me inside.

Now usually I get another walk at the very end of the night at 10P or 11P--whenever dad feels up to it. But because I had already been walked at 7:30 they didn't think I needed another walk.

Bedtime came and dad put me in my crate at midnight. At 3:30 I had that urge. The urge to pee and also to poop. I wasn't about to let loose in my crate--I'd rather die. So I banged around in the crate, like I usually do at about 6A to let Dad know I want to wake up.

So he lets me out and a race to my wee-wee pad and proceed to take a merciful poop. Ahhhhhh. I then ran out into the living room and the feeling to pee was so overwhelming. I thought Dad might come and take me out but he fell asleep again. So I walked back into the bedroom and scratched at the bed. He got up. Many times we sleep together on the couch in those sleepy morning hours until Mom gets up and then we all eat together and somebody walks me.

But today, I raced ahead of dad and when I got to the couch annoyed that it was taking him so long to get into the living room...I had an accident on the comforter that Dad smartly puts on the couch to protect it from the likes of me. It was hanging down close to the floor so I just lifted my leg and let loose on the comforter and onto the floor. Dad walked into the living room and stepped near the couch right into my pee. "Uuuuggggggh! HAZE!"

Let's just say Dad was awake at that point.

After cleaning up the living room and replacing my pooped on pad Dad stuffed the comforter in a garbage bag and they washed it the next day.

Meanwhile, Dad didn't confine me with my mess--but warned me that the next time he will.

I guess I better watch my step. I feel bad but sometimes I just have to pee. I know the wee-wee pad is used for that so I'm sitting with mom and dad right now and as you can see I'm a little sad.

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