Monday, June 30, 2008

Is that you? Or a big pile of sh*t?

So we came home the other night and mom and dad smelled something in the house that frankly had the distinct smell of poop! So of course they look at me. Why am I the first to blame? I never poop in the house unless some dumb human (usually a dog sitter) waits too long before taking me on a walk.

So anyway--they are looking all around the house to no avail! Vindicated!

Mom then thought the worst: "Maybe Mike (dad) has B.O.?"

She informed dad of this suspicion after she found the actual culprit--dog poop on the bottom of HER OWN sandal!

Dad also feels vindictated--and he wanted me to tell you--and I can attest to this--that he's never had B.O. in his entire life!

How do you get that poop off of a good shoe you ask. The Poop Report --I kid you not--tells you exactly how not to do it.

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