Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy 150th to the Paulists

It's the 150th anniversary of the Paulist Fathers! Their founder, Isaac Hecker wanted to Evangelize America and broke away from The Redemptorists (another order) and asked the Pope to let him start a new religious community and he was granted permission to do so. Doggie prayers are always said to Fr. Hecker to help those in need--human or canine.

So mom and dad are going to a big party for the Paulists in Washington, DC. I wish I could go but it's a bit too far for me. So Aunt Jill gets to hang out for the second weekend in a row. I'll miss dad but he won't be gone for long. In July he goes to Australia for 14 days---(Sniff)---say it ain't so.

I may be too depressed to blog for the next few days so please pray for the Paulists and for my mom and dad for safe travels and that he gets back to me soon. Oh, say Hi to Uncle Brett (Fr. Brett Hoover--dad's first boss) for me and tell him that I'd love for him to come visit again soon.

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