Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

So, I don't really know who my doggie-daddy is but I have to say that my "dad", at least the human one is simply the top dog (pun intended)!

Mom and I went out and found him a very cool card that said "From the Dog" and simply had a dog asking the question:

Who's a good dad? Whoooooo's a good dad? You are! You are!

While dad and mom don't have any children of their own at this point in their lives, I hope I can give them at least some of those "parental" feelings that they long for--especially dad--on this day.

Dad and Mom are flying home from New Orleans and I've heard that dad was pleasantly surprised to find a small token of my affection in this bag. Somehow (and let me tell you, this was not easy) I was able to open up his suitcase and throw a gift bag with a 3/4 baseball shirt into it that said: "Me and my Chihuahua: Friends Furr-Ever!"

Mom has no idea how I was able to open the bag with my little paws, nor does she remember me leaving the house to go shopping. I'm a sneaky little pup! I actually bought it the same way everyone else does shopping these days: online! Cafe Press can make just about anything!

So Dad, I hope you and Grandpa too have a great day. They'll be lots of head-licks when you get home tonight!

Love, Your good boy,

Haze the Dog

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