Thursday, June 5, 2008

Firefighters and Rain

So on our walk tonight we got as far as the Saints and Sinners Bar and were just about to cross the street when we heard a voice say:

"You gotta come over here, you can't cross the street yet!"

Smoking in front of the bar (ironically) was a female firefighter who was a certified dog lover. She had two dogs: One a chihuahua mix which is almost as cool as me (I'm a pure bred) and another Japanese Kai (I think) who somehow co-exist perfectly--much to my surprise. If I lived with another dog I think I'd be in a constant state of fear. I just can't deal.

Anyway, since I've never met a blonde that I didn't like, I let her pet me and enjoyed every minute of the attention. Dad naturally told me that blonde firefighters never came up to him before he owned me--and now that they do, Dad lives in a constant state of fear of Mom. Hee-hee, I'm such a troublemaker. Dad would never cheat on Mom, but it's fun to tease her a bit.

Anyway, Dad was told by the firefighter:

"You're a big man for walking a little dog like him."

So that made both of us feel good. And indeed he is.

We said our good-byes as it started to rain and dad gave her my business card for this blog. I don't think I caught your name Ms. Firefighter, but I should've said thanks for your heroic work day in and day out and for giving such a valuable service to the city. Dad's firfighter friend Tom Cullen died in the 9-11 disaster and most of my Grandpa's friends are firefighters so folks like you garner in the ultimate respect in our house.

We got drenched on the way home as the sky just opened. Dad and Mom wrapped me up in a towel and I got toasty with them on the couch.

All in all not a bad way to spend an evening.

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